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Web development

A professionally designed and secure web site is the cornerstone of your company's web presence, but getting to the right solution can be a daunting task. Whether you're new to the web or have an established web site, getting that balance of usability and functionality, coupled with a clean and fresh look that guides the user to important content (rather than leaving them bewildered and confused), can seem like a tall order.

But fear not - we're skilled at this, and blend professional design with behind the scenes tricky stuff that delivers a solution that works.

This is not us telling you how to do something, but very much a partnership - we're in this together! Whilst our foundation is of the highest technical and design calibre, we're never wedded to a single solution - one box never fits all - and together we explore a range of options to identify the solution that best matches your needs, taking into consideration available budget, existing systems and expertise, and market position.

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"QPQ's attention to detail, professionalism and flexible approach has, time-after-time, delivered amazing results, often when faced with extremely tight deadlines..."
Martin Sneary, Programme Director, IUCN

Case study - BirdLife International

Challenge: develop and implement a web enabled version of BirdLife’s World Bird Database, combining this rich data set on species and sites with project outcomes and case studies illustrating conservation gains and challenges. Through this, bring together tabular, textual, graphical and spatial information, across four themes of access, delivering a rich user experience that moves seamlessly through the different classes of information.

Impact: BirdLife's Data Zone is a high volume traffic web site that delivers great richness of content to visitors.

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