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Baffled or confused? Under our guidance, grow your business through the smart application of technology.

Maybe you're constrained by a spreadsheet that's getting too big and complex, or have inefficiency where you feel things should happen in a more effective and controlled manner. Or maybe you're wondering why your business doesn't have the market recognition it deserves, or wondering whether your disaster recovery plan is fit for purpose.

Worry not, you're not alone! More and more companies are discovering that their information systems are lacking, their strategy is rather dated and the infrastructure would be better placed in a museum of art.

We can help! Whilst we cannot guarantee an overnight transformation, where there's a will we can nearly always find areas for improvement. We come with an open mind. Listening is always our first action, and from that we can help you focus on the most pressing needs, mitigating business risks and building a secure information systems platform for future growth.

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"We were struggling to maintain the growth of our business on spreadsheets and engaged QPQ Software to move our systems forward. QPQ analysed our needs and created a system tailored to our requirement and since the system went live business has moved from strength to strength."
Chris Johnson, Managing Director, GIGS Limited

Case study - Vetting Solutions

Challenge: develop a highly secure online human resources/background check system to validate and verify the identity of people being recruited to nationally sensitive positions. The system must seamlessly interface with other Human Resources systems and with minimal information be able to undertake background screening on an individual.

Impact: the investment in a custom solution, tailored to very specific needs, has seen revenue rise for the last two years.

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